Why We're Like Radio
We spent nearly 20 years in radio and that's how we approach
 Theme Song Channel. Each hour is distinctive, with specific
categories and rotations, so listening is always a fresh
experience. You can listen everyday during your lunch hour, for
instance, and always hear a new set of music because no two
hours are ever the same!     
So There!!
Mark Niemand's
Theme Song
Welcome to ThemeSongChannel
Theme songs can transport us to a different time. Childhood?
Check. Special relationships? Check. Eras of our nation's
history? Check, check and triple-check, often within the first
few notes! And the memories they bring back are unique to
each of us. And these are some of the finest -- and shortest --
musical compositions in the past 50 years!
Why We're Different
Many terrific sites pay tribute to
TV themesongs. What sets us
apart is that you can listen as
actively or as passively as you
like. Surfing the Web? Working
at your desk? You can! We bring
the songs in a fun, continuous
flow -- just like a radio! If you want
to be more active, keep the
screen up to learn interesting
tidbits., check out our links or
(hopefully!) visit our advertisers!
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